This blog is dedicated to current TS Entertainment trainees New Champ and Zinsuk, who are most likely to debut someday in a hip-hop duo tentatively named Plan-G.

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nobilityofimperfection sent: They left together and are still a duo though :) They're called Holy Hearts now. Throw 홀리하츠 into YouTube and they're the first few you'll get.

Yes we know, thank you.

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fightinqlaundry sent: did you know that they made their debut already. I don't know if it's official or not but they now call themselves Holy Hearts and their song is called Lips. lol you can find it on youtube.

Yeah we know this, thank you.

Posted 1 year ago
Anonymous sent: i cant believe it!! i just found out !! i feel so sad about it, i was really looking foward to their debut as a duo. i though ts will suit them better but i guess it wasnt a good choice. as lon g as they r happy ill have to accept his choice i do wonder if they left together. if i have a chance to see zinsuk debut as a idol?? it seems it will be a harder road but i wish them the best of luck. now ill get even lesser news on them : (

Right now it seems that they both left TS, I guess they will be continuing on their own. Zinsuk might be appearing on a show soon although we’re not completely sure, and New Champ will definitely keep making music. You can always follow NC on Twitter and both of them on Facebook for news! 

And yeah I’m really freaking sad that Zinsuk won’t be an idol

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fightinqlaundry sent: hmm so do you think Zinsuk also left TS? they're bffs and they stick together like pb&j & that's what I love about their relationship. nonetheless, I hope NC left on a good note & is still close with bap at least. I love them playing soccer together. looking forward to seeing them officially debuting as a duo. :D

We can’t be completely sure since as far as I know Zinsuk hasn’t made an official statement yet. If Zinsuk & New Champ do release an album together that’s not under TS like New Champ says they will, I think we can assume that Zinsuk isn’t under TS anymore either since I’m not sure if such solo activities would be allowed for someone who is planning to debut in TS. I’ve noticed for a while that New Champ doesn’t tweet the BAP boys as he used to or make comments about Secret’s activities like before (and he removed TS from his bio a while back).

My personal opinion is that as much as I love the duo and their friendship, I will be sad for Zinsuk because I think he really wanted to debut mainstream and would actually enjoy the idol life. I guess all we can do is wait and see how everything turns out right now!

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[NEWS] 130615 New Champ announces his departure from TS Entertainment


Released on the 14th, New Champ held an interview with Korean hip hop magazine Hiphopplaya to celebrate the release of his long-awaited mixtape, ‘A Night of Wartime.’ 

The interviewer didn’t hesitate to dive into the subject of his stance with what’s now his former company TS Entertainment, housing artists such as Untouchable, Secret, and B.A.P. It was announced before that he along with former member of group Nom Nom Nom, current member of crew New Block Babyz, and friend/vocalist, Oh Jinseok - better known as Zinsuk - joined the company together. The two were constantly on the brink of what seemed to be a nearing debut, only to be pushed back with what was supposed to be this upcoming month to the next upcoming season. They didn’t necessarily make headliners, but were one of the many artists listed in an article marking the debuts of arising rookies for 2013 which was released early this year, however it seems that they’ll be keeping their word for a debut this year but not necessarily with the company they were listed to be under.

Fans of New Champ and Hiphopplaya asked him, “Your mixtape ‘A Night of Wartime’ was supposed to be released last year. We heard that the delay was due to your label, to which a lot of people have been also asking about your current stance with them. Did you release your mixtape after having cancelled your contract with them?” 

New Champ: Yes, my current state is that my contract has been nullified. Having made the compromise for a mainstream debut, this also meant that I wouldn’t be able to make the music I wanted. But, I still want to make my own (music). Without any consent from the company, I began working on ‘A Night of Wartime.’ Whilst I was preparing for it in my own manners, I decided to talk about it with the company, to which they flat out told me that I wasn’t allowed to do it. I realized after time having passed by that indeed I was being rather haste and foolish. At the time, I was also preparing an album under the company and that once this album was released, I would regret not being able to release any of my own works after so I left before it could be released.

Hiphopplaya caught onto this ending bit as they asked, “So would we never be able to listen to the music you created under the company?”

New Champ: Yes, that’s right and I hope for it to never be released. Ever.

They continued to press on the subject, asking the question, “Was it music that you’re embarrassed of?” which lead New Champ to discuss the details as to why he left the company.

New Champ: Ah, I’m not embarrassed at all, but it was just that the image the company was showing wasn’t who I really was. In the beginning, I received a lot of offers from various companies on the condition that I would act as an idol since the company had in-house composers. However, with the company I was under, they gave me the offer in creating a balance with their in-house composer. The first few samples they referenced me were really awesome. Normally in the relationships of contracting, the company would have upper advantage while I’m at a disadvantage but in our relationship and in the perspective of production, I had the upper hand advantage it seemed. But once I signed my contract with the company, what it seemed wasn’t what it really was in reality. I sought advice from people around me and they told me that it was a definite thing and that that’s how society works. So with that…I rebelled at first, which is why the album was delayed, leading me to be the one to seek the company first for songs in haste and carry out the album in the direction that they had wanted. In mid-production, I began to feel a sense of crisis rush through me. Prior to having signed my contract with the company, there has never been a loss in the bets I made on life. All of the results were beyond expectations and it led me to the thought of, “Am I oddly compromising to something when I’m still at a young age?” I see people like Dynamic Duo and Leessang reign victory as they continue to maintain their originality to this day in making music so it made me think, “Ah, then that’s definite for me too, so what am I doing now?” After that, I went to the company and told them I couldn’t do this anymore.

A couple of questions later, Oh Jinseok (Zinsuk) was brought into the spotlight as Hiphopplaya asked if New Champ was planning an album with the two of them as well as his whereabouts. 

New Champ: Oh Jinseok is a friend who also signed with TS Entertainment with me and he was a VJ for the MTV show ‘Most Wanted’ but he took a break and is working on an album with me. […] Yes, and I’m also preparing my solo works. […] The music I’m making with Oh Jinseok is something else. With that album, I’m going to show a different set of emotions inside of me. 

Also, on June 8th, New Champ was on the lineup for Speakshow Vol. 8 and mentioned briefly during his break between songs that he and Oh Jinseok planned on releasing their work as a duo sometime July, stating a possible specific date which was to be July 15th. 

Meanwhile, New Champ said he will be promoting with his other crew members of Guereallaz along with his mixtape. 



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Anonymous sent: Ive read it in @basedsoshi tweets.. I think new champ said that they will have a debut single in july 15 th and he also talked about ts emtertainment. Hope that hepks

Thank you for letting us know, I talked to them and it does seem that a summer debut will be happening if all goes to plan! We will keep our eye on official news (and see if we need new admins meanwhile..)

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Anonymous sent: Ive read somewhere in twitter that plan g will have their debut on july 15th is it true?

Can you let us know where you found this info? Neither of the boys have mentioned this and we’re not completely sure if New Champ is still with TS actually.

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kyungspickle sent: Hey, just wanted to ask since when these two began to be trainee's in TS owo

They have been trainees since early 2011 although it’s not completely clear what their current relationship to TS is since they seem to be involved with independent activities a lot as well.

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New Champ's own website

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